Zipped Executable (Windows)

If your district does not allow access to Steam, you can download the zipped executable directly.
Depending on your system's security settings, you may need permission from your IT to download and install the executable.

Download Zipped Executable

In your web browser, go to the following Google Drive file.
Download the file to a location on your computer that you'll remember.
Most web browsers, by default, save files to the "Downloads" folder.

Extract the Files

Navigate to the folder you saved the file.
To extract a zip file, first right-click on the file and select the “Extract All…” option.
Right-click the zipped file.
Select the location to which you would like to extract the files. Then, select the “Extract” button. You do not need to select the option to “Show extracted files when complete”--doing so will automatically open the folder once extraction is complete.
Extract the files.

Launch the Application

Navigate to the folder containing the application.
Navigate into the folder until you see the files.
Inside the folder, you will see an application with the name of the module. This application will have an icon with a “U” on it.
Launch the application to start playing.
Launch the application.